Sofia Vergara Wins the Golden Globes Boobtastic After-Party Awards

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Talk about your golden globes, Sofia Vergara has them right here. Sofia easily could have been named the hottie d'jour on the red carpet of the 2014 Golden Globes last night. What she did at the after-party was simply make it a no doubter. Albeit, the lovely likes of Miranda Kerr, Taylor Swift, and a cleavetastic Vanessa Hudgens made a play for the gold medal, nobody was able to keep abreast, as it were, with Sofia and her low cut shiny gown.

At next year's Golden Globes, I hope Sofia sits at my table. I mean, the table I'm assigned to pour water and refill wine glasses. I'm quite certain I would be pouring from her right, even as my left was wandering. Just so damn hot! Enjoy.

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