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Sienna Miller Is Back in Black Bikini Down Mexico Way

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I must admit I've kind of lost track of Sienna Millerand her personal goings-on these past few years. I keep seeing her name pop up around different men and various situations, but mostly I'm just happy to see her looking good in a bikini on a vacation down Mexico way. And, naturally, I'm glad to see she's adopted the ginger hair, if only for the benefit of my fantasy life

It's easy to overlook the reason Sienna Miller is involved in so many juicy scandal stories in the first place, namely, she's a fine looking lady. But, today, try, even as a man, to be a little more superficial and just see Sienna as a hot mom in a bikini romping along the beach. I know it won't be easy, but you must. You must. Enjoy.

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