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Sharni Vinson Bikini Pictures Soak Up the Sun Down Under

We've been tracking Sharni Vinson for a couple years now, given that the Aussie model and thespianic has a penchant for bikinis and the beach. While she's definitely on our long list of otherwise lovely ladies who could use a sandwich, there's no denying our lust for the skinny thing and her beach body frolicking.

In her latest incarnation, Sharni looked like a girl stepping out of a 70's fun film, completely with head scarf and reflective sunglasses, adding to the early Bo Derek era visuals. One day, perhaps I'll get the chance to fatten up Sharni with my homecooking, preferably breakfast after a long night of exchanging passions and Sharni telling me that half of what I was asking for isn't even physically possible. Anything is possible if you only dream. Enjoy.

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