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Rihanna Bikini Pictures Golden Niblets on a Yacht Down Rio Way

Being on a yacht in Rio seems like a good place to be. If Rihanna happens to be doing a photoshoot in a tiny golden bikini aboard, it seems like a great place. I think my e-vite must've got lost in my spam folder or something, because I clearly missed my 'please hang with me in Rio' invitation.

Nevertheless, the show went on. And nobody looks more comfortable partying in a bikini on a yacht than Rihanna. From humble island beginnings she sure has taken to the good life quite without hesitation. I'd probably be barfing out my tequila over the side rail. Not Rihanna. A little drinky drinky, a nice show off of the hot bikini body, and she looks like a million bucks. Must be the genes. Enjoy.

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