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Olivia Palermo Bikini Beach Vacation Continues

Olivia Palermo beach vacation is beginning to reach epic lengths. I try to limit my Caribbean resort vacations to just a week or two, depending on how many suitcases of cash I have with me at the time. But Olivia is onto her third week in St. Bart's with no signs of slowing down. I'll try not be too jealous despite the fact that my last vacation consisted of breaking down along the Interstate and spending my night in the car. Out in the car there in the desert, I did get to experience the greatest display of natural wonderment -- porn on the iPad.

Just so long as Olivia keeps the bikini shows coming, I shall not complain. She's a bit on the slender side, but we try to showcase all the splendor in the sextastic celebrity world, without prejudice for big or small. Funbags that is. Enjoy.

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