Malin's Sister Jennifer Akerman Sweaty Hot Workout for Galore

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I think we've seen Malin's sister Jennifer Akerman around here before. I'm not actually sure they are actual sisters, I think they are steps or halfsies. I was too busy checking out Jennifer sweating up a sextastic storm in this video shoot and pictorial for Galore magazine that seems to feature Jennifer drinking beer and kind of working out. Mostly grabbing gym equipment in a seductive manner and slowly undressing. That works for me. It sure would me a far more regular visitor to my gym were that kind of good touch going on semi-frequently.

Bill, do you mind waiting five minute for the bench press while Jennifer Akerman slowly massages it with her chest? No. No I do not mind at all. Enjoy.

(If you are so inclined, please do check out the Jennifer Akerman sweaty workout video to this photoshoot.)

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