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Laura Cremaschi Completes the Italian Bikini Invasion of Miami

The Italians are coming! And thank goodness for that. The lovely model ladies of The Boot continue to invade our humble shores through the winter months, flashing all kinds of skin and booty and hot bodies in tiny bright bikinis like semaphores of the sextastic.

Laura Cremaschi joined her countrywomen on the beach in Miami in a bright pink thong that could not be missed. And why would you want to miss all those curves packed, err, hanging out, of that itty bitty two piece swimsuit. These girls always look like they're having great and glorious fun times splashing in the water and prancing across the beach. If they only knew this is exactly how I feel on the inside leering at their luscious bodies. I'm actually going to go ahead and guess they do know this is how we feel. That only makes it hotter. Enjoy.

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