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Kendall Jenner Shows Off Legs, Tummy, and Chest Outside E!

Kendall Jennercertainly wasn't expecting to run into any press outside the offices of E!, you know, despite the announcements and such, but let's just say she didn't miss an opportunity to show off for the cameras in the manner of her older half-sisters.

Kendall flashed her killer legs and her tight tummy, and used a rather propping brassiere to press her chest out in a sweater for the benefit of... well, mostly Kendall's benefit I suppose, though we gentleman oglers certainly got a taste of something something. At eighteen now, Kendall is taking her years of early training and putting it to good use in terms of public recognition for her true talents. Good for you. It won't be great for her until all the clothes come off. In due time I'm quite certain we shall see such greatness. Enjoy.

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