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Katie Holmes Bikini Top Peeking in Miami As Mom's Vacation Continues

Look, we've all peeked at mom in her bikini by the poolside at various hotels or public places. And, by 'we've all', I mean, at least I'm copping to it as a frequent leering purveyor of the MILFy views by any waterfront locale. There's no way I would not be ogling at Katie Holmes and her bikini top, showing off her mommy cleavage whilst taking her daughter on a little family time R&R.

There's no shame in peeking, or maybe there is a little, which only makes it that much more enticing of a sport. And spotting Katie leaning in for some cleavetastic exhibition of her admittedly modest top, the just rewards for a hard angling of the retinal cones to capture the moment like Kodak, only better.

Katie Holmes remains on my not so secret crush list. I suppose the spell will only be broken once we lock Suri in her room for a couple hours and make spectacular fireworks type sweaty joining of bodies. So, it's like never to be broken. Enjoy.

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