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Karen Carreno Bikini Models for Colombiana Hotness in Miami

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Officially, this is the second time Colombian super model Karen Carreno has appeared on these here pages; I invited you to search for the memorable first. Karen has actually been modeling for over a decade now, beginning with her Guess work in South American environs where she is one of the hottest names in the sextastic business.

Now, she's north of the equator, well, further north, in Miami, on a bikini photoshoot of must-share proportions. Her lust-inducing sultry body and come hither hotness is quite on full display as she poses and preens in her bikini for the cameras. I'm not sure what this shoot is for, but I've already bought three-dozen. I'm a sucker for hot women. I can't say no. Though once I start saying yes it seems to keep coming out of my mouth like a broken monkey. Karen, show us mas! Enjoy.

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