Jenna Dewan, Bella Thorne, Maria Menounos, Emmy Rossum, Keke Palmer Lead the Hotness at the Women in Television Celebration

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I'm down for celebrating women anywhere. Why not the ladies of television who provide us so many wonderful views on a daily or weekly basis. Do you realize how hard it was for our cavemen ancestors to see tons of smoking hot half-dressed women? They had to ascend mountains and traverse valleys and face imminent danger just to maybe see one. We get to hit the remote and flip through a bevy of beauties from the comfort of our couch and beer holders. Silly cavemen.

A strong gaggle of sextastic ladies attended the Women in Television Celebration, highlighted by the cleavy hotness of Jenna Dewan, Bella Thorne, Maria Menounos, Emmy Awesomeand a wonderful leggy show from Keke Palmer. I certainly felt the power of sisterhood. I mean, I think that's what I'm feeling, I can never be too precise when it  comes to tingles and shivers. There might be a little brotherhood involved here as well. Enjoy.

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