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Jason Bateman Crushes Children's Dreams in the 'Bad Words' Trailer

Jason Bateman's directorial debut, Bad Words, has a new trailer.

In the film, Bateman plays Guy Trilby, an angry 40-year-old man who never passed 8th grade. For reasons unknown, Trilby has an ax to grind with a national spelling bee contest, and exploits a loophole in the competition's by-laws in order to compete and win against children. This behavior doesn't win him many friends among the other contestants (or the competitors' parents), with the exception of a lonely Indian-American boy named Chaitanya. The hard-nosed Trilby takes the 10-year-old loner under his wing, for better or worse, as the powers that be desperately attempt to unravel his motivations and end his competitive-spelling career.

Bad Words hits theaters everywhere March 28th, with a limited release on March 21st.

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