Japan’s First PS4 Commercial is Quite a Middle Finger… to Japan (VIDEO)

Japanese PS4 Commercial
Yes, Japan, you too can be as happy as this guy.

There’s an incontrovertible law of gaming: Japan gets everything first. Every. Thing. Every bastard thing. Always. The region is the home of video games, after all, so we’ll excuse our Asian friends for hording their fanciest toys for themselves, like a fat kid with a hungry, pissed off sibling.

Actually, make that almost always. While we’re enjoying our spangly new Xbox Ones and PlayStation 4s, the consoles still haven’t arrived in the Land of the Rising Sun. They’re on the way, though, as this deeply piss-takey and salt-in-the-wound-y ad hastens to make clear.

Here we see a joyful little world tour of look at every other bastard on the planet, happy and safe and secure in their PS4 ownership, while we sit at home, eating baked beans raw from the tin and sobbing proportions. New York? Yep, there they are, with theirs. Sydney? Hell yeah. London? Damn right. There’s Queen Lizzie herself, regally pwning noobs in Killzone: Shadow Fall. And so it goes on. Still, PS4 is coming to Japan, and only four months late.

They aren’t pissed about it, though. The text at the end of the clip reads, “The world will be united with play,” Kotaku informs us. This may have simply been discretion on their part, as for all we know it could actually say, what the shit? Sony is Japanese! We should get first dibs! I’m so furious, I’m going to go to their HQ and shit on the doorstep, but let’s be optimistic and trust that it’s that first one.

Via Kotaku.