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'House of Cards' Season 2 Is Chalk Chock-full of Anthrax

OK, I assume it's anthrax. But maybe it's some other white powder. The point is, some bad sh*t is going down on season two of House of Cards.

(Spoiler Alert) Last season, Frank Underwood was poised to become the vice president. And from the looks of this newest trailer, his ambition won't let him stop there. When it comes to his ruthless pursuit of power, even the president is fair game.

And it also appears Freddy the BBQ guy has a larger role. That seems pretty weird, but I'll go with it. "Brain food, brother."

Sex, drugs, murder, conspiracy: House of Cards has everything you'd expect to find in Washington, D.C. But thankfully, the show does askew realism in the looks department. No one wants to Mitch McConnell doing coke off Nancy Pelosi's ass. Kate Mara is a much better choice.

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