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Ferne McCann Bikini Pictures Don't Need No Stinking Top to Flash Her Hot Bottom

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Say hello to Ferne McCann. She's a TOWIE. That craptastic British reality show that, if nothing else, has brought us tons of hot lady jugs to ogle on vacation in Spain, if not just low cut bouncy outfits in London evenings.

Ferne was sunbathing and poolside tanning on one of the Spanish island resorts and clearly deciding she didn't want tan lines on her back. I'm not exactly sure who gets to see the tan lines on her back, but I'm going to go ahead and call him one very lucky guy . Personally, I'd pay to rub Ferne down with some SPF Bill and see how her skin shines in the midday Mediterranean sun. I'm a cheeky bastard now in complete lust with Ferne McCann's cheeks. I'll have to seek resolution of some kind. Enjoy.

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