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Fernanda Uesler Bikini Watermelon Perfection Strutting the Beach in Miami

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Wow and she-damn. I didn't think Fernanda Uesler, another gem in the Brazilian bikini model arsenal, could possibly get more beachy alluring. But you throw in that watermelon bottom and the desire to dive into the summer fruit has never been stronger.

Fernanda has the long lean and statuesque tanned body that can only have been forged in the sextastic female form factory in the sky. It's as if she stepped out of my dream, got even just a little bit tanner and wetter, and strode across the horizon as the perfect tease on earth. Oh, my my. Her outrageously hot bikini body doth inspire so many daring feats of self-passion. I'd be tempted to spit the seeds. Enjoy.

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