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Emily Ratajkowski Heats Up for Revolve Clothing

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Not a clue what Revolve clothing is, but I sure do wish they made their clothes a little less big and not see-through seeing them now on the super fine female form of our heavily belusted Emily Ratajkowski.

Emily could wear, or not wear, anything and I'd still spend hours imagining the two of us in one of those tall champagne bathtubs in hotels you only see in airline magazines. I'd set the temp to 98.6 so that we could remain in the raised glass bath like the Altered States tank until we regressed back into wild monkeys desperate to reproduce. I'd say approximately 30 seconds would be about all I'd need to find that state. Emily might take a touch longer. I can wait, maybe chew on a magazine. Emily definitely keeps me on my toes. Enjoy.

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