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Elise Mosca Uses Her Bikini Body to Win the Bachelor's Heart

I'm not exactly sure who the fake Bachelor will choose to be his fake bride on this crazy new season of the completely real and utterly honest reality show. But for the sake of the dude, I hope the producers make Elise Mosca his fake bride. Even if he only gets a couple nights in a hotel with her to help push the programmed drama along its storyline, well, look at Elisa Mosca who took to the beach in Santa Monica to show off what she's got.

I don't really get into these kinds of reality shows. But I understand that the ladies do love them their fairy tale romances, their own or others. If the show was called Elise the Bachelorette Bikinis at the Beach Then Takes a Shower to Remove the Sand, I'd probably watch, even if entirely scripted. In fact, the more scripted the better. Elise grabs the loofa and begins to soap her luscious breasts. Enjoy.

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