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Danielle Campbell Drops Some Disney Starlet Sextastic in Bello Magazine

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I thought we pretty much had the Nick and Disney starlet world covered here with our expansive, press type coverage of all things good looking and celebrity. But I guess somehow the cute turning hot Danielle Campbell, now reaching the age of more interesting photos herself, definitely deserves herself a mention in this humble abode.

The Disney teen star at eighteen seems to just barely beginning to dip her toe into the grow'd up world of modeling, as all the starlets do, with this pictorial in Bello magazine. It's a little bit cheeky, a little bit pretty, and, I think, the start of a mighty fine relationship. Welcome to Egotastic!, Danielle. Take your shoes off, then your socks, and we'll go from there. I have cocoa. Linger awhile. Enjoy.

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