Bosomy Vampires, Patrick Stewart and Satan Sure Make for a Dramatic ‘Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2’ Trailer (VIDEO)

Castlevania- Lords of Shadow 2 Trailer
Was she always that boobtastic?

The Castlevania franchise is much like Dracula himself: you can’t keep the effer down. Since the inaugural release in 1986, the series has spanned over forty games, making it one of the biggest and ball-busting-est names in Konami’s repertoire. It is their Mario, their Resident Evil.

In its three decades of life (almost, if you squint a bit), Castlevania has been resurrected, revamped, revitalized and presumably a couple of other re words besides. Earlier installments were less complex affairs, bringing us some good ol’ fashioned bashing-demons-in-the-gonads-with-your-whip creepy sidescrolling action. Then there was ‘Metroidvania,’ which brought us huge castle maps to gradually explore and/or loot like a bastard.

In the here and now, though, Castlevania is looking pretty damn fancy indeed. Here’s the latest trailer for Lords of Shadow 2 (sequel to 2010‘s 3D action/adventure take on the series). As is de rigueur for any video game trailer now, they’ve ramped the theatrical badassery up to dangerous levels. Slow-mo fight scenes? Extreme close-ups of angry old dudes brooding? Gratuitous cleavage shots? Don’t mind if we do.

Take a look above, as the dramatic tale of Dracula’s destiny is… vaguely alluded to.

Via Destructoid.