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Bella Thorne Bikini Pictures Behind the Scenes of Her Candie's Shoot

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Okay, it wasn't just a bikini photoshoot, but let's not beat around the bush, the first ever real pimping bikini photos of Disney starlet Bella Thorne proved to be rather audience inducing last week, so this week let's take a look behind the scenes of her Candie's clothing line shoot which did definitely include her first official bikini modeling gig from what we can tell.

Bella's future is what you might call, rather bright. She seems to be working and shooting pretty much full time these days, here over the weekend outside a Hollywood photo studio taking a break from her now full-time occupation. Where she heads in her career once she's old enough to be managing her own moves is anybody's guess, but I am sure you can guess what I'm hoping for. Enjoy.

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