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Bella Thorne Bikini Flirty Pictures for Candie's And Kohl's

Bella bella bella. Our little Disney starlet Bella Thorne is moving into a new category of promotional pimping with her new bikini catalog spread for Candie's flirty clothes for young women. Despite the fact Bella seems to be a fully engaged career woman traveling the country with her boyfriend in tow, Disney is still yearning to pretend this teenager isn't going on thirty and keep her under the wraps that Miley Cyrus broke free from about the same age, shortening the Hannah Montana phenomenon by millions of dollars worth.

Well, Bella is starting to break out, just a tad, with ever more grown up looks and photoshoots and red carpet dazzlers that indicate a starlet who knows the paps love to take her picture. Who knows if Bella will ultimately go the way of showy Miley, or more conservative like Victoria Justice. Though you can probably guess what we're rooting for here. Enjoy.

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