Behind the Scenes of ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ With Matt and Trey (VIDEO)

Making of The Stick of Truth Header
Yep, this looks about right.

Well, well. South Park: The Stick of Truth seems to be serious about its umpteenth release date (for now), so March 4 it will apparently be.

Which means, as those who know their calendar-based shit will tell you, it’s over a month until we can get our South Park on. How will we make it through February without being able to equip tufts of magical pubic hair to spears? Or dispatch hordes of angry Elvish warriors with our asses? HOW?

Another reminder of just how badass this will eventually be may help. Gather round, gentlemen, and bask in the pearls of wisdom dispensed by Trey Parker and Matt Stone above. Wisdom such as:
“It was really important that you didn’t just press a button to fart, but that it was analog. You need to, like, feel it go out of your asshole.”

Now that’s a creative process we could stand to hear more about. Check out more on the making of the game above.