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Ashley Benson Short Shorts Makes for the Perfect Little Hottie Show in L.A.

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Ashley Benson is typically quite the demure public figure. So when we get a chance to see the underrated hottie out in a pair of Daisy Dukes on the town, showing off her sweet legs in addition to her overall lust-generating looks, it's quite a day indeed.

Ashley really needs to get into this tiny little shorts more often. Just one man's opinion. Not every girl can pull off the perfect country hot thang look, but Ashley does it quite nicely. If she cut those shorts any higher, I would probably get arrested. Though that's a safe bet in most situations involving sextastic ladies and casual public street ambles. Still, there's no shame in being handcuffed for a righteous cause. My and Ghandi, baby, different methods, same purpose. I could be wrong. Enjoy.

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