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Anne Hathaway Bikini Pictures Slightly More Revealing Today in Hawaii

Anne Hathaway really is a shy girl, hiding beneath her hats and wraps and glasses and lead-lined castle walls and such. I can relate to Anne in a way as I never had a private bathroom moment in my life until I turned 18. Sometimes, you just want to be left alone. For me, it's when reading my ESPN Deportes magazine in the can, for Anne, it's pretty much most waking minutes of her life. Either way, you have to respect another's wishes for privacy. I mean, unless they happen to be a mega superstar celebrity finally showing off some bikini top skin in Hawaii. Then all bets are off.

Anne and her rather slight husband continued their low key downtime on the Big Island with some surfing and hiking and bikini time promenading. Anne's never going to go the way of the showoff girls on the beach in Miami, but we're hoping her 'meeting us halfway' heads toward a booty shot here or there before this trip is over and she's back to being the most layered clothed woman in all of Los Angeles.  Consider my eyes peeled for just such a sighting. Enjoy.

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