And Now, the ‘34 Big PS3 Games of 2014’ (VIDEO)

PS3 2014 Header
NOT coming to a PS4 near you any time soon. Hell no.

Last time, we saw the 20 PS4 games we must play in 2014. It was exciting stuff, and we all drooled dumbass-ily at its next-gen splendor. So much so, some of you may have shat a little (don’t be afraid to admit it, you’re among friends now). But what about those of us still partying like it’s 2006 with our PS3s?

We’re going to be catered for pretty damn well too, it appears. Xbox One and PlayStation 4‘s launch lineups weren’t the most ball-busting, with the delays and such, so it hasn’t been an essential upgrade by any means. Particularly when, as you’ll see above, this old bastard still has some life in it yet.

What remarkable life it is too. Over its long-as-balls lifespan, developers have become infinitely familiar with PlayStation 3‘s capacities, and are now pulling some great stuff out of its electronic ass. IGN’s showcase above brings us a heaping helping of cel-shading, guns, swords and blood. All four simultaneously, in some cases.

Highlights include Counter Spy, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, The Last of Us: Left Behind and –of course– South Park: The Stick of Truth. As last hurrahs go, this is looking good.