Anastasia Ashley Surfer Girl Bikini Booty Paddling Out Perfection

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Oh, surfer girl, how you do slay us. The bikini body booty perfection that is Anastasia Ashley rode out into the waves off the L.A. shoreline in a flattering bikini ready to ride the surf and hang ten straight into our lust-filled hearts.

Anastasia has quickly become one of our favorite ocean-faring sextastic vessels, a brunette bombshell with a surfer girl body as if chiseled from the mind of very randy surfer boys. That tight twerking booty of Anastasia's has gained some renowned over the past year or two, with every ogling gentleman within miles just praying for another pre-competition bottomside warmup. She really is quite special. Hot surfer girls. There really has never been a better invention. Enjoy.

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