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Amber Heard Betrays Her Lesbionic Greatness (But She's Still Super Hot)

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I don't normally who marries who kind of nonsense, I just want everybody to be happy. But when I heard that Amber Heard was getting married to Johnny Depp and forgoing her wonderfully Sapphic scissor kissing past, well, that was heartbreaking to say the least.

I'm sure Johnny is a wonderful guy and he's super talented and all that nonsense, but shall we never see Amber Heard making out with her girlfriend again in the streets, let alone imagining what happens when they get back to her pad? Are we to be denied this sensual girl-girl wonderland of daydreams to call upon simply because she wants to marry a movie star? I can't help but think we should've at least been consulted before such a drastic decision was reached. This isn't like adding replay to baseball. This is like deciding there will be no more home runs.

Here's Amber in her latest sextastic pictorial for Jalouse magazine. Just so you can imagine her never munching sweet serious lady nest again. Such torture. Enjoy.

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