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Adriana Lima Sideboob in Switzerland Sells Them Watches But Good

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I can't really bother to pronounce the name of the watch company that uber-sextastic Adriana Lima was pimping in Switzerland, but suffice it to say, if I can't spell it, I can't afford it. I'll stick to my Swatch for the time being.

Adriana brought her A-game looks and a nice bit of sideboob to the red carpet sales performance. I'm not sure that ogling Adriana and her sweet sensational rack makes me want to purchase a watch, but if she told me I could fondle her funbags if I only owned the right kind of watch, I'd glad punch my hand through a half-inch plate of glass to retrieve one from a local Zurich store. I could live with just one working hand if it was working in or around the hot body of Adriana Lima. That's why Mother Nature gave us two in the first place. Enjoy.

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