A Toontastic Brawler With a Stabby Twist: Meet ‘The Chainsaw Incident’ (VIDEO)

Chainsaw Incident Trailer
Yep, that guy's named 'Massacre.'

First things first. The Chainsaw Incident sounds like the title of an amateur horror movie a couple of dumbasses made on their lunchbreak, on a $2.50 budget. Hollywood, eat your balls off.

Still, we’re not going to be pernickety about that, because we like the look of this right here. Behold a charmingly creepy fighting game from Crazy Piranha Entertainment. If there’s one thing the genre has been missing, it’s an invitation into “…a dark fantasy world where Chainsaws rule,” so let’s all cry grateful, grateful tears of manly gratitude that these mad bastards have got us covered.

This is just a fleeting ogle at some provisional footage, so we can’t say what kind of fighter we’re looking at here. It doesn’t appear to be a terrifyingly technical, 200-hit-combo shitstorm like Marvel vs Capcom, but who the hell knows where this is going? What we are seeing is a bowel-loosening horror aesthetic throughout, tinged with some adorable cartoon-ness.

Body bags dangling in the background? Mantastic menacing voice-overs? Skullgirls-esque macabre art (sans jiggling jugs, sadly)? It’d be rude to refuse. Take a look above.

Via Destructoid.