Why is PS4 Better Than Xbox One? Because the UK Says So, That’s Why (VIDEO)

PS4 UK Launch Interviews Header
This guy wanted two of them, apparently.

Strap yourselves in and hold on to your butts, all. There’s a whole lot of dumbassery coming your way.

Now, the next-gen consoles are quite pricetastic. Well, kinda sorta. Before partaking in the Xbox One/PS4, you want to know that your bucks-to-badass-entertainment ratio is going to be favorable. You want to be sure to make the right choice.

This can be determined by the crop of exclusive games that appeal to you more, the launch titles available to each, or any other non-crazy factor. Alternatively, you can opt to cruise over to the UK PS4 launch, where rabid fans queued with numb ‘nads (it’s pretty damn cold in London in November) to buy this shiny new mofo. Can you guess which console they suggest?

Spoiler: it isn’t Xbox One.

If you’re still on the fence, then, the above clip is sure to be of no help at all. Still, it’s worth a look just to see the response to the question do you have any smack talk for Xbox One players?

via ITN.