This Complete Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Compilation is Surely the Manliest Thing You’ll See Today (VIDEO)

Arnold Schwarzenegger Kill Count Header
Is the reindeer he punched in 'Jingle All the Way' here?

The holiday season is a time of peace, togetherness, generosity and remembering just how dickish some of your visiting family actually is. It is also, apparently, a time to celebrate Arnold Schwarzenegger’s unparalleled body count and balls of steely, steely steel. Why else would Kotaku choose to unleash this little doozy on us today?

Now, we know what to expect from any movie featuring our ol’ buddy Arnold. There will be gunplay, explosions and general mass deaths. In between, there will be boner-shrivellingly terrible one-liners, delivered as only the monotone maestro can. That’s the way it is, the way it should be, and the way it must be. You just leave your brain at the door and enjoy the ridiculous spectacle.

Above, then, you can treat your eyes, ears and bodily orifices to every kill in every Schwarzenegger movie. It’s just shy of a half hour, and reaches an impressive total of 509 lives taken. There are some omissions and technicalities (whether he really killed that bastard Rastafarian alien with the dreadlocks in Predator is questionable), but this is a whole lot of badass, right here. Take a look.