The Horror-tastic ‘Dying Light’ Will Make You Foul Your Undercrackers, or Your Money Back (VIDEO)

Dying Light Gameplay Trailer
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This is an actual guarantee from the developers. You can take your non-shat tightie-whities back to your local Gameatorium for a full refund, we hear.

Dying Light is an upcoming first-person survival horror affair, from developer Techland. It’s set –as is everything damn else, ever– in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. But let’s not bitch about that little cliché, because there’s a whole lot of badass going on here.

The game will infuse the genre with some rather spangly freerunning elements. You’ll be cruising about the streets, evading the infected (in a similar manner to Wii U launch title ZombiU), as ever. But with style. Running like your ass is on fire, climbing onto rooftops, dropkicking these bastards like a crazy mofo, all kinds of crap.

In the gameplay trailer above, we meet Spike. We’ve no idea who Spike is. He’s sending you out alone, though, so he’s probably an asshole. Check out the game’s day-to-night cycle, and the horrors it summons, above.

via Destructoid.