Take a Stealthy Shot –Straight Through Someone’s Eyeball– With ‘Sniper Elite 3’ (VIDEO)

Sniper Elite 3 Trailer Header
We all love a little gratuitous violence, but... ew.

Now, the game is named Sniper Elite 3. These are the guys tasked with swiftly and blood-splatteringly ending lives from a couple of States away, so we were expecting some guntastic violence from this trailer.

We were not disappointed.

We take the role of a marksman on the African stage of World War II. The scene is a typical one: explosions-amundo, yelling, gunfire; all in all, there’s what looks very much like a big effing war going on. In the midst of the shitstorm, our protagonist muses that “…one bullet can change history,” and fires at a distant target.

Turns out, it certainly can, when propelled into the right poor bastard’s eyeball at high velocity. Did we really need a intense close-up of that? It’s rather akin to Mortal Kombat’s spangly new X-Ray attacks, which show you in intimate detail just which bones you’re breaking. It’s from the Itchy and Scratchy school of grisliness, and we approve. Take a look.

via Destructoid.