PS4 Demands a Nork-Free UK Launch, Hijacks the Sun’s Page 3 Boobtastic

We must not ogle. Sony has forbidden it.

Now, the Sun isn’t England’s finest export. That raving drunk with all the cats who keeps getting busted for crapping on the sidewalk would probably be a better source of daily news (or so the Sun-bashers will tell you). Still, they know what they like. And what do they like most of all? Boobs.

Yes, this irreverent British tabloid’s USP has always been Page 3. Because sometimes, reading of the latest horrifying natural disaster or murder can bum you out. As such, they kindly switch tack on the next page and bring us a hot young woman thrusting her nipples at the camera. That’s sure to get our peckers up again, in every possible sense. Sun, on behalf of gentleman oglers everywhere, we like your style.

But not last Friday, we didn’t. To celebrate PS4‘s European launch, another round of Sony shenanigans were in order. So the newspaper’s hallowed third page became a big ol’ ad for the console. It simply reads, Apologies to Rosie, 22 from Middlesex. Today’s Page 3 is for the players. We appreciate Sony knowing their target audience and all, but couldn’t we have had the PS4 and our daily newspaper-y leer? Is that too much to ask? IS IT?

via MCV.