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Olivia Palermo Bikinis in St. Bart's, The Model of Waifish Wonderment

Olivia Palermo flocks to St. Bart's each December holiday season, like swallows returning to Capistrano, only much hotter, depending upon your prurient tastes. She seems to bring the same boyfriend dude with her every year, though they never seem to get married. No bother, we cut him out of the photos anyhow, because some random guy could only ruin visuals of this slender, waifish bikini hottie socialite and designer and New Yorker. Being a New Yorker is a job in and of itself when you have means. I think it involves lunches and workouts and attending events and such. Similar to my life really, only in much nicer conditions.

Olivia Palermo continues to be one of my secret light-girl crushes. Sporty, sleek, toned and somebody who I feel I could actually lift off the ground, after a somewhat embarrassing situation with my last 'big boned' ladyfriend. Keep the bikini shots coming, Olivia. Enjoy.

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