Monika Jagaciak Red Hot and Black and White All Over in Stunning Outtakes

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She goes by the nickname 'Jac', but if she were mine, I would simply call her 'yes, goddess, how may I serve you now?', for short. Monika Jagaciak, the sensationally hot Polish model seen here in outtakes from her Viva! Moda photoshoot. The closer you examine the exquisite beauty of models like Monika in just some almost on jeans and lingerie and such, the more you begin to realize that not just any girl makes a great supermodel.

They are especially born in the caves of the sextastic, raised near the waters of hotness, and educated at the schools of... well, maybe not so educated. But they are truly blessed girls with a very unique 'it' factor that can't be put into words, but if you keep on checking on Monika Jagaciak, you will understand what I'm saying. Trust. Enjoy.

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