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Molly Sims Keeping It Bikini Veteran Hottie Real in Miami for Christmas

Not everybody gets to go to the Islands or Mexico or Aspen for the holidays, some celebrities are stuck eking out a Christmas at the plush resorts of Miami Beach where sometimes you have to wait up to seventeen seconds to get a rum punch. Such are the difficult times we live in. And the times I'd like to live in with Molly Sims, now a hot 40's wife officially and mom of I can't remember how many, but keeping up the good looks and bikini body in Miami for the Yuletide, swishing her bottom and body like a MILF ought when the sun is shining and the leering eyes are following.

Such is the responsibility of models and sextastic actresses when on vacation. Moms don't get days off from being moms and hot moms don't get days off from feeding the lust meter on the gentleman ogling community. It's a blessing and a burden. I'm mostly just peeking at Molly's blessings. Enjoy.

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