Maria Badino Bikini Pictures for A Potentially Heartbreaking Model Introduction

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Stalkers can feel free to do their own Internet research, but suffice it to say, Maria Badino is one smoking hot college freshman model down Florida way. A state already known for it's sextastic co-eds just kicked it up one more notch with rising modeling starlet Maria Badino who takes a bikini and makes it into a scene straight out of my naughty old man at the beach fantasies. Why, yes, dear, I do have fifty cents to buy you a popsicle. Eesh that sounds both creepy and also exactly like me. Thankfully, Maria is quite the legal adult now and I can ignore all the calls for my being hunted down and burned at the stake.

Maria. We hope you stay awhile, maybe through the night, take a soothing bath, and slip into something more comfortable, like the pair of velvet-lined slippers I left by your guest bed. Yes, I know there were no other clothes to put on. Welcome to Casa Egotastic! Enjoy.

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