Lisa Opie and Anais Zanotti Bikini Catty Hotties on Miami Beach

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I'm thankful I live in a world where hot girl friends can play with each other's bikinis on the beach (and that guy friends don't feel so obliged). There's something truly magical seeing models Lisa Opie and Anais Zanotti helping each other fix up each other's bikinis in Miami, flashing just two amazingly ridiculous bodies, and thong clad thumpers that I'd swim through shark infested waters just for a chance to cover in sunscreen.

It's days like today when I remind myself that I love girls so much better than guys. Sure, you need guy friends to watch ball games and help pretend you know how to fix your own car, but if you're to be stranded on a desert island with just one other person, how many of you are choosing your buddy Chuck to ride out eternity? Exactly right. I'll take Lisa or Anais, or, preferably, both. Enjoy.

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