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Jennifer Nicole Lee Strips Down to Her Bikini by the Pool in Miami

I'm not sure how your mom gets down to her bathing suit by the public pool, but if your mom happens to be BBW turned MILFtastic fitness guru Jennifer Nicole Lee, it's long and teasy and with her thong-covered rear dangling into eyeball space. I'm not sure they teach that disrobing technique at your regular mom schools. But they should.

Yes, Jennifer Nicole Lee is quite the obvious attention-getter, but what better place to turn your attention than to the toned and tight body of the workout instructor and all-around naughty exhibitionist mom. These ladies don't just grow on trees you know. Though if they did, I would plant as many as possible in my small backyard, even if the hot moms fell into my neighbor's yard and we got into a snit. Mmm, a MILF tree. How amazing would that be? Enjoy.

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