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I Got You 99 Hot Celebrity Bikini Front Shots for Christmas; It's Cool That You Didn't Get Me Anything

I'm taking the day off. It's somebody important's birthday so I'm reclining in my easy chair drinking a spiked egg nog explaining to small people that cuts from trying to open clam shell packaging heal stronger than the original skin. And, I got you something. I know I shouldn't have. But here's 99 of some of my favorite celebrity bikini pictures, from A to Z. Yes, I skipped a few names, but 99 seemed just about right.

These are the frontal views. On New Year's, I'll show you some of my favorite rear views, to get all sentimental and such about the year we just put behind us. Most importantly, have yourself a very Merry Christmas. Without all of you, I couldn't afford my lifestyle which in many underdeveloped and Third World nations, would be considered quite comfortable. It's all about indoor plumbing! Enjoy your holiday.

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