Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Remember When Lindsay Lohan Showed Up in GTA V?

We sure don’t. But do you know who did see Lindsay Lohan in Grand Theft Auto V? Lindsay Lohan, that’s who. And she’s all kinds of pissed about it.

Now, with her busy schedule of acting/singing/modelling/boozing/driving precariously/flashing her undercrackers at the paparazzi, you wouldn’t have thought she’d have time for video games. But someone in her entourage must have got their game on at some point, because this little shitstorm surfaced.

Rumor-mongering over IGN way suggests that she is ‘considering taking legal action against developer Rockstar over the use of her image without her permission.’ The evidence, it seems, is right there on the game’s boxart. Has that anonymous young lady waving her expensive Apple product about stolen Lindsay’s face? According to TMZ, she’s under that impression.

Then there was the piss-takey ‘rescue the celebrity from the ravening photographers’ mission, which is quite clearly just a cheeky parody of LiLo’s daily commute. This is only bizarre speculatory BS for now, but you can get the full story back at IGN.

Header image: sickchirpse.