Gaming’s Whacked Out Week: Gamer Can’t Get the Girl; is an Ass About it

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When the media is bitching about video games (which is always), they have two favorite tacks to take. The first is accusatory BS, as though that copy of Super Mario Land found in a serial killer’s apartment totally inspired their ghastly-ass crimes. The second stigma attached to gaming is its apparent nerdiness and life-waste-iness: the more you play, the more sex you’re… not having.

This, presumably, is why you never see pro gamers partying in the Playboy mansion, amid a crowd of lustable ladies. With no undercrackers on. (“Eff that, I don’t want those geeky bastards in here,” the Heff proclaimed, “their spectacles would steam up in the hot tub, and their Spider-Man speedos would ruin the sexy atmosphere. The sight of my shriveled old-man balls is bad enough as it is.”)

This week, then, we bring you the sad tale of thekatieway. She provides Youtube laughs –and/or despair– with a series of videos showcasing messages she has received on her OKCupid dating profile. This time, she falls foul of a gamer guy who saw a casual mention of his favorite pastime on her page and… well, this happened. Watch as he accelerates from ‘nice guy’ to bizarre, crazy asshole at alarming speed. Way to show those stereotypes the middle finger, dude.

via Kotaku.