Elisabetta Gregoraci Bikini Pictures for White Hot Kenyan Sandy Goodness

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I'm told the beaches in Kenya are magnificent. Everybody says that about beaches you could never possibly visit. I had to cheat on a bus fare just to get to the L.A. beach. I don't see Kenya in my future. Now, if Elisabetta Gregoraci were my date to said destination, I might be willing to steal the fillings out of old Aunt Mae's mouth while she's sleeping off her rum in order to provide for such a trip.

The Italian MILF model definitely seems to enjoy the African coastline for her holidays, and I surely would like to take her there. Perhaps not in the exact same style as her wealthy older husband, but so long as they've got a Red Roof in somewhere in the Nairobi area that accepts points, we should be good. Elisabetta, I'm sending you an Outlook calendar invite. Check your inbox. Pack a tiny bikini. Enjoy.

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