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Courtney Stodden Boobs Elicit a Wowie from Even the Most Veteran of Gawkers

I'm not a particularly busy man, but even at that, I'm too occupied with naps and evading my landlord to figure out what the WOWie Awards are. Suffice it to say, on name alone, I'm not shocked that Courtney Stodden was a recipient. The former blonde shellbomb has turned her locks to a raven brunette, but has kept her flesh puppies very much the same, here and nearly bare and in your face.

Courtney is now a single nineteen year old  young woman, so, naturally, she's going to flash a little cleave from time to time, or a ton of cleavage all the time, very nearly spilling out of her dress again at this award events. I must say, I prefer the brunette on Courtney, and, by brunette, I am most definitely talking about her Costco sized boobtastic. Enjoy.

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