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Charlize Theron Bikini Pictures for Hawaiian Islands Sextastic Beach Stroll

Oh, Charlize Theron. The hair is coming back in, along with a decade or more of strong feelings for the smoking hot South African actress who has been statuesque and passion inducing for as long as I can remember. Seeing Charlize in her bikini in the 50th state reminds me that she remains one of the most eligible ladies in all of Tinsel Town. Well, for my part, at least ogle-able.

Charlize's trainers always go on and on about her amazing workouts and sweaty efforts. I'd say they're paying off. I'd sure like to towel her down after her workouts to smell her hard work myself. But I'm guessing she's not ready for a panting, whimpering man to take over that particular position. A real shame. I'd dab tenderly. Enjoy.

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