Cartman and Sir Douchebag Cast Magic With Their Asses in ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ (VIDEO)

South Park- The Stick of Truth Cupping a Spell Trailer
Charming, as always. Just the way we like it.

In case you missed the memo, South Park: The Stick of Truth actually has a release date. Again. March 7 is that fateful day (barring another damn delay), when we can at last partake in some non-craptacular South Park gaming. Just like our forefathers intended.

Now, The Stick of Truth is an RPG, and you know what that means. It means big ol’ magic attacks, cast with crazy-ass light show effects rivaling a drunken Fourth of July fireworks display. But it’s also a South Park RPG. That means farting in faces, a heaping helping of cuss words and Cartman being the lovable dick he is.

Combine all these traits, and you get the above clip. ‘Cupping a Spell,’ the game’s latest trailer, courtesy of IGN. Behold, as Grand Wizard Eric instructs us in the ancient ways of arcane magic: farting in your hand and throwing it into the faces of your foes.

Flatulence, as we know, is the mark of a true hero. But remember, these abilities must be used wisely in battle, and never on a man’s balls. Apparently.