Cara Delevingne Bikini Top Adjustments and Booty Views Like a Real Pro

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Cara Delevingne may just be 21, but she's already wise to the ways of the public exhibitionist model on vacation, completely with showy bikini moments aboard a Caribbean yacht.

The young model sensation from Jolly Old continues her bikini vacation with and without gal pal Rihanna down in Barbados. Cara seems to have her own party posse. You get those when you look like Cara in a bikini (and also get paid like Cara does). One of these days I'm going to hit Barbados or maybe St. Bart's for my holiday vacation, you know, as opposed to the bar down at the end of my block. Though the latter is far more convenient, very few supermodels in bikinis rolling by the stools. Enjoy.

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