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Camila Morrone Hot Modeling Bikinis for Wildfox

Turns out, there's nothing much hotter than following models breaking out of the pack into the big time, as we've done before in the past spotting the likes of Nina Agdaland Kate Upton. Now, meet Camila Morrone. Though just a teen, she's somehow good friends with minxy hot Vanessa Hudgens, a relationship I really must investigate much further and deeper.

I predict big things for Camila Morrone based on the very complex algorithms I run in my head when first peeping new Egotastic! worthy talent. Okay, not so much complex algorithms as the special Spidey sense tingle that lets me know something out of the ordinary is taking place here. Looking at Camila Morrones in this bikini shoot for Wildfox Couture, I'm getting that feeling once again. Like Mt. Kilauea every few years. Clear the tourists from the hillside! Enjoy.

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